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12th Annual Fall Classic

Golf Tournament


Monday, September 16, 2013


Fall Classic


Visit our Fall Classic Golf Tournament page to read about our annual fundraiser, explore information on sponsorship opportunities, and to see our fun videos from previous tournaments.

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A letter to our Golf Tournament Donors:


Local 47 Musicians Foundation would like to thank our Sponsors and Donors for their generous support of our 501(c)3 organization. Through our Foundation, a not-for-profit entity, we will continue our Relief Fund mission of supporting Musicians in need of aid.  

We would like to share with you our donors a little history about the Fund.

You may already know that in recent years, the Relief Fund sent $25,000 in support to Musicians who were victims of Hurricane Katrina. That amount was matched by the AFM for a total of $50,000 in aid. The Fund was also able to give a sizable grant to a Local 47 musician who was injured and lost his home to a house fire.  

What you may not know is that prior to our annual tournaments, Relief Fund grants were limited to only $360 per Musician not even enough to cover a month’s rent!  We simply did not have enough funds to provide larger grants. 

So in 2002 Local 47's President at the time, Hal Espinosa, recruited AFM and Local 47 business associates to become founding sponsors of our annual golf tournament. The tournament was designed to strengthen the Relief Fund. In 2006, Local 47 Musician's Foundation, a 501 (c) 3, was created and to allow Local 47 to address need on a greater level. And what a success!  Through the years we have been able to help countless musicians. Your support has allowed us to address need on a real level. And several of our founding sponsors continue to generously support our event each year.

Each year, we pay bills and alleviate debt on behalf of Musicians who may need as little as $100 to get by.  But by maintaining a strong Fund – now through the Local 47 Musicians Foundation – we may address need on all levels. 

We thank you for allowing us to make a difference in the lives of the Musicians who have given us so much through their work. And we hope that you will continue to support this worthy cause.










Fall Classic Sponsors

Key Sponsors

PacFed Benefit Administrators


Bernard Kotkin & Co., LLP

Musicians' Interguild Credit Union
Hole in One Sponsors
Additional Sponsors
Levy, Ford & Wallach
Law Office of Steven J. Kaplan
Film Musicians Secondary Markets Fund